Poem: Falling Awake

Thank you to Anna, who shared this poem with us at her graduation…


Falling Awake – Sarah Henderson

Suddenly the world is wide open

I find I’m no longer confined


To the tiny hell I had constructed

The walls I’d been hiding behind


I’m moving into something unknown

This is so unfamiliar, this light


Compared to the darkness I’m used to

I was blind and now I have sight


I’m baffled by all of this beauty

The vibrance and movement out here


The feelings I’m feeling are frightening

In fact, all I’ve known is fear


But now my senses are stirring

With new and intriguing sensations


Sometimes if I let myself breathe

I touch in on momentous elation


After so long I’m finally here

Though of course, the change came with pain


It was worth it to finally find freedom

The losses don’t compare to the gains


It’s a little like falling awake

Coming out of a hypnotic sleep

There’s a chasm between dying and living

And I’m ready to take the leap.


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