Finding The Answers Within Yourself: Learning To Trust Your Inner Voice

We all tend to forget at times that our inner guidance system is a powerful tool which provides us with personal knowledge and wisdom. Often, we fail to use this, thinking that we have to look around us to get all the answers we require.  


It is possible to find the answers within yourself by making the time to do so.

Your “gut feeling” or instinct (inner voice) is part of that powerful tool and it is this which will help provide you with the answers you’re looking for along with the knowledge, inspiration and motivation you have instilled in you. 

 We all have hopes and dreams, and make plans in our lives but things in life can happen in unexpected ways, so it is impossible to plan for every eventuality. Let’s face reality. None of us are going to be happy all the time but we do have the power to make changes to things we are not happy with – things that are within our control.  

 It is perfectly acceptable to feel inspired and motivated by other people and to listen to advice and guidance (or let’s face it, you wouldn’t be here now), but it is equally important to stop searching for answers and to start listening, work on your self-belief and trust in yourself. Only you will know what you really want and need, be able to take action and make any changes. In essence you can just be yourself. 


It’s far easier to be yourself than to try to be someone you’re not.

You need to nourish both your mind and your body and regularly practice mindfulness and self-care so that you can develop and maintain a positive mindset. Practise strengthens your mind-body connection and puts you in a good position to answer your own questions, have more self-awareness and identify external influences or even unresolved trauma. Negativity attracts negativity so firstly you have to change that mindset. The answer to “what is my next step?”or “how do I make things better?” lies within us all. 

Shut yourself off from the noise around you, sit down and practice for 5 to 10 minutes each day connecting with your deeper self. Sit and take deep breaths until your mind is quiet and you feel calm and peaceful. This doesn’t have to be sat on the floor in a dark room – just somewhere that you feel comfortable. Ask yourself questions and listen to the answers which will come through in the form of feelings, the voice inside you, an inner knowing or a word or vision. If you’re just getting started, you might like to listen to Emmy’s guided meditations and see what they unlock for you. The more you do this, the more you will be able to hear what these messages are communicating to you. There is not always an immediate answer or solution but just be patient and one will eventually come through. When your mind is still and quiet you are more capable of finding that solution. By following this process each day your self-awareness and self-belief will become stronger. Of course, we all make mistakes, but it is absolutely necessary to have that little bit of faith in yourself and to have your own positive toolkit to be able to overcome the consequences if the answer is wrong. 


Be decisive and be willing to implement your own answers so that you can move forward.

Accept that some answers may only take you to a certain point – be content with that. If you keep listening to yourself other answers will come along which will connect and fit into the bigger picture.  

It does take courage and inner strength but by being true to yourself you regain a sense of empowerment which can often feel like it has been taken away and replaced by a much louder unwell voice.

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