Parent & Partner Workshops

Help your loved one tackle their illness today.

An eating disorder is a difficult and frustrating illness to understand. As a parent or partner of someone suffering from an eating disorder, you may struggle to know how to reach them.

It can feel as if your loved one has been taken hostage, or even possessed by this powerful illness which ravages lives.

If you would like to understand eating disorders and Body Dysmorphic Disorder better, and gain some insight into the illness that is affecting your loved one, The Recover Clinic runs Parent & Partner workshops just for you.

“Myself and my husband attended the Friends & Family Workshop at The Recover Clinic when we were seeking support to deal with our 19 year old daughter’s phentermine Anorexia.

“The workshop itself was extremely informative but the therapist running the workshop also gave us plenty of time to ask questions about our specific circumstances – this was by far the most helpful thing of all… a specialist who was there to listen and advise us about how to deal with the day-to-day challenges of caring for our daughter.

“It was also such a relief to meet and share our experiences with other people who were going through similar things.”

Angela McFadden, Mother of 3, Kent

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