One-to-One Counselling

When you’re struggling with an eating disorder or Body Dysmorphic Disorder you may often try for long periods of time to manage and control your disorder without success.

Our counselling service is a chance to explore sensitive areas and change destructive behaviours within a supported and safe environment.

We know that making the decision to change can be difficult but our team is here to help and support you or your loved one when you feel ready.

How do I find out more about counselling?

If you would like to talk to somebody about counselling, please call one of our team today on 0845 603 6530.

Through one-to-one counselling, our skilled therapists will help you to increase your self-esteem and give you the courage and the tools to recover from your eating disorder or Body Dysmorphia. Session by session, they will take you on a journey to…

  • find your true voice
  • deal with difficult issues
  • move forward with your life

At The Recover Clinic our therapists are trained in a number of fields and have different interests and approaches which means we can find the right therapist to suit your needs. Read more about our team.

Not sure if one-to-one counselling is for you?

This is what one of our clients said about the service:

“The One-to-One sessions are highly valuable and are necessary as part of the treatment at Recover. It resembles the big brother diary room in that you are given the space to talk freely about what is going on for you, knowing you are not going to be judged. No matter how unsafe I may be feeling, once the session has started, it’s as if Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak is covering the room, and I no longer feel unsafe.

“One-to-Ones are difficult as it is where you open up and talk about some really difficult things, but with help, you are able to start processing any experiences, thoughts and emotions. You walk in the session feeling alone, but walk out feeling so much stronger. You are listened to, supported and respected.”

(From My First Experience of The Recover Clinic – Part 2)

Get in touch

If you’re interested in one-to-one counselling to help your recovery, give us a call today on 0845 603 6530 or complete our short enquiry form.