Eating Disorder Therapy Groups

The idea of group therapy can be a bit scary at first: are you really going to reveal your hopes, fears and complexes in front of complete strangers?

In reality, many of our clients find group therapy is the treatment they get the most out of as they say they…

  • feel supported by other members of the group who understand what they’re going through
  • learn to negotiate relationships and social situations
  • improve their communication skills
  • see their self-esteem soar
  • make friends who ‘get’ them

The Recover Clinic runs a number of specialist eating disorder therapy groups which provide treatment and counselling for our clients.

Each group offers a safe space where you can confront destructive behaviours and express your thoughts and feelings in a constructive way while learning more about the illness from which you are suffering.

What can you expect from group therapy?

If you are suffering from an eating disorder or Body Dysmorphia, group therapy may be the first time that you have been in a room of people who understand exactly what you’re going through, and that in itself can be a big comfort.

We offer a wide range of groups from talking therapy, to art-led, to movement therapy.  We can talk to you about the type of group that would work best for you and where you might feel most at home.

When you first join one of our therapy groups, the group will devote time to welcoming and supporting you through what can be an emotionally challenging time. Together, the group members create a place of trust which allows everyone to feel safe enough to talk personally and honestly.

All members make a commitment to keep group discussions completely confidential.

An experienced and dedicated psychotherapist runs each therapy group. There are no more than 8 members in each group.

Which groups does The Recover Clinic run?

Find out more about the different types of groups at The Recover Clinic below:

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