Art Therapy and Creative Group

At The Recover Clinic, we see creativity as the antithesis of an eating disorder…

Art therapy group uses the arts and the creative process alongside the therapeutic relationship, to support and encourage the expression of emotions. It offers a safe space to explore the deep process that the arts and using them can evoke.

It is not necessary to be artistic or have had previous art therapy experience – we all have creative ability, but often have not been encouraged to use it.  

Every image made or word written helps us in the process of articulating feelings, and in bringing meaning to our past or current situations. Images can often help us to see life and feelings from different perspectives and aid us in understanding how unresolved or difficult feelings from the past are often connected to the present. The expression surrounding what is made and the creative process allows us to explore this further in a contained and regulated manner, which enables exploration and change.

In these groups you’ll take part in activities and exercises that will help you use your imagination to think in a different, more creative way about your…

  • eating disorder
  • identity
  • relationships
  • future

This often leads to greater insight, reflection and self-awareness.

Hear what our clients have to say

“Creative Group allows you to explore and express, through art (whether it be crayons, pencils, charcoal, oils, clay etc), without being judged. No one forms an opinion of how good of an artist you are or how good your drawing is. As a group, you look at each others work and unravel the meaning and thought processes [behind] each one.

“Creative group helps express thoughts and emotions that are sometimes too hard to express verbally.”

From ‘My First Experience of The Recover Clinic: Part 2’

“In art, once I put something on to paper, it was out there, I couldn’t take it back, I couldn’t change it, it was there for everyone to see, it was a little bit of me on the page.

“I find that I can talk more whilst I have a pencil and paper in front of me; I am not thinking about the words that are leaving my mouth, I am not judging what I am saying, I am being freed by the art to express myself fully.”

From ‘How Creative Therapy Has Been A Major Part of My Recovery’

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