Core Group

Core group focuses on the core self.

If you’re struggling with an eating disorder or Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), it’s likely that you have a damaged or fragile sense of self.  If you have been unwell for some time, you may not even know who you are without your illness.

This group looks at core personal beliefs, issues and character traits and helps you to find your true identity as you work through recovery.

Who am I without my eating disorder?

A client talks about her experience of Core group:

“Core group still remains one of the most difficult and challenging groups for me. It is about looking at your core (in other words, your identity), and figuring out who you really are. This can be done by looking at external factors, such as, family, friends, school, college, expectations etc.

“When all you can see is evil about yourself and no goodness in you, core group allows you to look within and see the light, that is your core, and know that underneath all the evil and hate you believe to be there, there is goodness and love.”

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