Movement Therapy

If you’re struggling with an eating disorder your relationship with your body becomes difficult and damaged.

Movement sessions address this complicated relationship and focus on the connection between mind, body and emotions.

Through Movement Therapy you can create a healthier self-image and a sense of physical freedom and safety.

What Movement Therapy is and isn’t

  • It is not a dance class or a competition
  • There is no choreography to learn
  • A person who has never danced can be helped by it as much as a trained dancer
  • It offers clients another ‘language’ through which they can express themselves

Hear what one of our clients had to say:

“Movement group is now one of my favourite groups. Yes, it is a different group and very different to the other groups Recover run, but it is an opportunity to try to connect to your body. It can involve speaking about how your body feels and then trying to explain how you feel about your body using an object or image. It allows you to move freely in a space, together as a group.

“Recently, reflexology, Qigong, and touch therapy has been incorporated into the group. It is a great opportunity to try different things and lets you leave the clinic in the evening feeling safe, supported and more relaxed in your body.”

Find out more

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