Sex and Relationships

This group helps you to look for patterns in your relationships and learn how to make your relationships work.

It is a very safe and gentle space where you can explore what healthy relationships look like between

  • family members
  • colleagues
  • romantic partners

The group recognises that sexual relationships can often be especially difficult to navigate – and can be a factor in the development of an eating disorder.

We work hard to make this group a place where you can feel comfortable sharing aspects of your sexual experiences and history to understand your relationship with sex.

What is a healthy relationship?

Often our clients come to us with little or no concept of what constitutes a healthy adult relationship. In this group we look at how to…

  • set boundaries and expectations
  • communicate well and have ‘difficult’ conversations
  • handle conflict and develop empathy
  • understand how love ‘works’ (challenging assumptions)
  • gain control in situations where you previously felt out of your depth

Find out more

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