Hanna’s Story

Almost two years ago, I was desperately ill and told if I wasn’t admitted to hospital, I wouldn’t live past Christmas. My family, partner and friends were distraught, not knowing what to do anymore, feeling at times all they could do was watch as this once beautiful woman was wasting away.

I’d been going to the Recover clinic, partaking in groups and having one to one therapy sessions with Emmy. Through these I met some amazing, strong and wonderful women. Emmy was a constant rock and support for me, as were the girls.

But, I was in so much denial about just how ill I was… I just couldn’t see what others could; and it was killing me.

After a two-month stay in hospital, far too early discharge and a terrible battle that followed; I am now happy to say I have come back to life…. I am in full recovery, happy and blossoming daily… Life has opened up so many doors for me and I can once again say I love not only life but myself too.

Compare my life now to that before and, I wouldn’t recognise it. Or myself. I am so, so grateful to my family, my friends, my mentors and teachers, The Recover Clinic & Emmy and most of all, to myself; for finding the courage to fight this illness.

I am now living a fruitful life and using the lessons I learn daily to help and hopefully inspire others; not just those in recovery but anyone who crosses my path.

My main focus at the moment is women and, after a wonderful idea between my Mum & I blossomed, we are organisers of ‘Marvellous Women-

The idea came about after I posted a simple quote to Eleanor (My Mum’s) Facebook page; Reminding her of what a marvellous woman she is, even if at times she doesn’t realise it….

From that, we got to thinking about how many of us women, at times, don’t grasp just how amazing we are and all that we have to offer the world….

Marvellous Women believe that when we as women come together and Unite as ‘Marvellous Women’ Anything really is possible….

We have put together a conference for this October- This Women’s Conference is an occasion to inspire, encourage, ignite passion and give hope to women from all walks of life. We have an amazing line up of female speakers to share their stories and life journeys.

Speakers include a young woman, fully recovered from anorexia and bulimia and now founder of an African orphanage charity, her own business and a loving wife and new Mummy. This woman was one of the amazing women I met at ‘The Recover Clinic’…
The conference is also an opportunity to raise awareness for ‘Wish’- http://www.womenatwish.org.uk/ with 10% of all ticket sales donated to them.

Many of our other speakers are also founders of their own charities and this event will be giving them the opportunity to raise much needed awareness too.

We also have local female artists joining us on the day that will be given the opportunity to share their gifts, display their work and raise awareness & support for the wonderful work they do.

We would absolutely love for you to join us on what is set to be a truly amazing day… Please go to http://marvellouswomen.com/ for more info and to book your ticket.

Remember- you are Marvellous and the world needs you.

With Much Love & Blessings,

Hanna Angell x x

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