How Meditation Helped My Anxiety

Many people are sceptical about meditation before they try it and feel the benefits for themselves. I can honestly say it has completely transformed how I feel about myself and my life since I began meditating about 6 months ago. You won’t notice majorly significant changes from the very beginning, however, after a few weeks, it has the power to change your outlook and make you happier and healthier. 


My Story

After having to leave University in March as a result of the pandemic, firstly I felt pleased to be home and in a safe environment with my family. Yet, after I had finished my assignments in May, I noticed that I began to feel extremely overwhelmed. I realised that my uni journey was over and that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to celebrate properly with my friends. I then became concerned over the future, as trying to find a job as a graduate became near impossible. 

This triggered overwhelming feelings of worry and anxiety and I had no way of thinking clearly in order to rationally map out the future and the options that were available to me. In some ways, I felt selfish for feeling that way considering how much other families were suffering as a result of Covid-19, yet my negative thoughts just wouldn’t shift at all. 

I decided to give meditation a go after I had read about the benefits in terms of your mental health. The changes I have felt in myself since have been incredible and I strongly believe that other people have the potential to benefit in the same way that I have. There are also so many scientifically-proven benefits of meditation that endorse how it can help people. 


The Benefits of Meditation

One of the biggest benefits of meditation I felt was understanding when thoughts are irrational. Taking a step back from everyday worries and concerns and focusing on yourself and the breath helps you to understand what actually matters. If I feel worried or anxious, I take a step back, meditate for 10 minutes and afterwards my thoughts are so much clearer. I have the ability to visualise the future in a more realistic way, rather than letting negative thoughts get in the way. Whilst I still haven’t been able to find a job, or see my friends that I’ve lived with for the past three years, I have been able to map out some sensible steps to get towards where I want to be, both in terms of a job as well as mentally. 

Another major benefit is feeling happier overall. When you are able to connect with yourself and take time to focus on your mental health in a safe place away from the concerns of the outside world, you come out feeling much happier. The world can be an overwhelming place, but knowing you are completely safe and can simply enjoy the relaxing experience will do wonders for your happiness once you’ve finished. 


How To Fit Meditation Into Everyday Life

It is really important to set aside some time each day to focus on yourself. Even if it’s 10 minutes, you are likely to feel so much better afterwards. I always try to spend 15 minutes in the morning meditating so I have a clear head to start the day and then another 15 minutes before bed to eliminate any worries or concerns that may be lingering. 

Something else I’ve found really useful is having a routine. Waking up, meditating, having a healthy breakfast and vitamin tablet and then heading out for a nice walk has worked really well for me. If you want to try an intervention, but don’t know where to start, try meditating. You have nothing to lose and I truly believe that if you give it a real go it can be life-changing. 

Written by Daisy
Guest contributor


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