Kate’s Personal Note To Our Inspiring Clients

I have now worked at The Recover Clinic for nearly 5 years and in all honesty every day has been a learning experience for me! I know you will be taken back by this admission but contrary to popular opinion I do not know everything 😉

These are some of the things YOU have all taught me:

  • You are all so brave. The work you do at the clinic is hard, often very exposing and pushes you outside of your comfort zone. And yet you continue to turn up every day and do the work. I have upmost respect for each of you because of that
  • Everyone’s journey is different. There is no set rule book to recovery, everyone does it in their own way and at their own pace. Do not compare yourself to others
  • Even in your darkest times you are still kind and supportive to each other. The Recover community is one that always makes new clients feel at ease and that they can start to believe they are no longer in this alone. I often listen to you motivate and challenge each other and know it comes from a real place of care
  • Every new client hates meditation!
  • It is ok to admit you are struggling and need support. Being vulnerable isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of great strength. And it’s often when we are vulnerable that great things happen
  • Meal times and recovery do not have to be feared. They can be social, experimental, supportive and a place to learn.
  • An eating disorders clinic can a fun place to be. You always make me laugh with your stories, poems and crazy dancing in the lounge!

One of the greatest aspects of my role is getting to know each of you individually and supporting you with your recovery journey. As you all know my role has changed slightly over the past few months but I hope you know that my commitment to your recovery and you as individuals has never wavered or diminished.

You never cease to amaze and inspire me. My happiest times are when you glimpse the huge potential in yourselves that I have seen there from day 1 and when you finally give your Graduation speeches (sad as I am to see you go!).

Keep up the good work…you’ve got this x

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