Poem: Mille’s Poem

By our lovely client, Mille

Oh to be just me, that is all, enough, so much already, where and why does my value get placed by me, in anyone or anyone else but me. It is not me, surely that knows and that can see all I have been and all I can be. Searching for validation in others is but an avoidance of acceptance of my value. It’s there, stop running and hiding and covering it up. Why are you so afraid to shine, the fear is within you, release it, release it please. 

Day by day feels wasted away, a search for something , which can not be found outside myself. Is it not time to look within, to bring to light, the light which is seeping through the cracks of your cold hard shield. The past is the past and it will never be fixed- but can’t you see it no longer exists. It is but a story to repeat, over and over, to bury your light. Is it now time to let your light shine out bright. 

You have been forgiven over and over- why make more drama . You will be forgiven again . It’s time to forgive yourself. Completely.

The things you hide- they are but experiences- you are a human struggling to swim, don’t you realize you already know how to swim. Stop drowning yourself in fear and shame, you are not entirely to blame for the hurt of others, and they are not entirely to blame for the hurt in you. Hurt is hurt and it is part of being- without it how could you know peace and joy and freedom. 

It’s time to wash the dirt away and let others see you. Dirt and no dirt , trial and error- human existence- 

You are gold- what will you do with your gold, will you let go of your hold of your past Forms- let yourself be transformed into the gold you want to be- the forms which are there- waiting for you to release the pressure- be brave, be bold, and let your light show you your true form. 

You are wonder and beauty and dreams, waiting to be let free. Open the cage, break the chains, stop looking into the Mirror of your past stories- see yourself, the glint and the soul in the eyes you have in this moment- do you see, do you see me, I see you. 


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