Motivation For C & C In Inpatient

One of the most difficult things about doing the job I do is trying to convince someone that they have a life worth saving. On the rare occasions that I work with someone who had it great and then lost everything, it’s a little easier. They know what good feels like and they know that they want it back. Someone who has only ever known sadness, loneliness and fear has no idea what feeling good and enjoying life is like. I’m trying to pitch something to them that not only have they never experienced, but they can’t even begin to imagine. Yesterday I went to see two women that I referred into inpatient care. I visit them both every few weeks to see how they are getting on and try to offer them support. They are both hanging in there but struggling none-the-less in their different ways and again I was asking myself the same question…how can I convince this person that life is worth living? In my experience life is gift, not just a gift that has been given to me but also a gift that I’ve been able to give someone else. Every tough moment, day or chapter in my life has taught me something and whenever I’m faced with a challenging situation I try to ask myself…”what is the lesson I’m being taught here?” There is always something to learn, room to grow and a path on which you can move forward. Recovery from an eating disorder is no different. There will be hard days and on those days your eating disorder will be kicking and screaming trying to drag you back into the darkness. Dig your heels in! Scream and shout back! It will not take you! It has taken enough from you already, you will survive, you will move forward and you will reclaim your life. Emmy

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