My Journey At Recover

I am 17 and have struggled with an eating disorder for 3 years. I have been to many different treatment centres, including being an inpatient twice. Although the other clinics did help me, they were not nearly as helpful as Recover has been.

From my experience, what makes Recover different is that they acknowledge that an eating disorder is merely a symptom. They focus on all aspects of my life, from relationships and social issues to life coaching. However, they do still offer me support with managing my eating disorder. For example, they offer a group on body image and self-care.

I also have a nutritional therapist once a week, who has helped me learn how to love food again. She has done this by allowing me to choose what I feel comfortable eating and what foods I like to eat. Not long after I started working with her, I was able to enjoy food and learnt appropriate portion sizes, to prevent bingeing and restricting.

Additional help for eating disorders are food groups, for breakfast and lunch. This has helped me to build up my confidence with eating around others in a safe environment.
In my opinion, one of the most helpful things the clinic teaches me is how to be more empowered in myself and how to be a woman.

They offer meditation and spiritual group which has helped me to learn that my thoughts are not necessarily facts, and I can have more choice over how I think. Spiritual group has also helped me learn that I can’t be in control of everything around me, and sometimes I have to have faith that everything will work itself out.

Additionally, Women’s Group talks about issues that affect women and learning to become what a woman means to me, independent of my eating disorder and Core group also offers support to discover who I am and who I want to be.

I believe the clinic is unique to other treatments because they have tailored my programme here to fit me. I am pleased to say that I have returned back to college after having to take a year off. The clinic have been able to combine my recovery here with my school schedule. They have also offered me different types of therapy, including CBT, creative and arts groups, and every client will have at least one individual therapy a week.

The Recover Clinic has made me discover a future without my eating disorder and I believe I can achieve my goals. I know there is someone always at the Recover Clinic to help me if I need any additional support.

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