New Beginnings

“And suddenly you just know…it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.” -Meister Eckhart

I’m drawn to this quotation because for me it encapsulates what The Recover Clinic offers in relation to new beginnings. This of course is a new beginning for me too. I am a Dramatherapist and have been here for just two months.

As a therapist, I am looking to establish relationships with clients in order to assist their therapeutic journey. This is a journey for both the therapist and the client, as we explore our working relationship. I have focused on settling in and getting to know each client as an individual, and I’m excited to support clients in their various journeys of self to see what we discover.

Beginnings can be scary and challenging as we accept that something may have to change to allow a new start. As we approach Spring, the season for new life, I look to nature and am inspired by the longer days and the flowers emerging from the soil. It is this signal from the turning of the earth that motivates me to continue turning over new leaves and challenging myself.

It can be hard to trust the magic of new beginnings, and I often worry that the initial spark may fizzle out entirely. But I know that if the spark fades to a dim light, we all have the power to reignite and that power travels with us wherever we go.

“I feel a new beginning running towards me and I’m running towards it with open arms” – Anonymous

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