A New Way To Do New Year Resolutions

As a nation, our love affair with New Years resolutions is a very on/off relationship. The usual stories include; “I’m not going to make a NY resolution because I never stick to it” or “this year I really am going to do X” or even more zealous “I’m going to commit to my resolution before the NY to get a head start”.

Statistics show, however, that only 8% of people who make a resolution succeed in following it through. It is therefore arguable that 92% of the population should once and for all give up on their New Year resolution relationship and forget about making any new changes for the year. But what if there was another way for these 92%? What if a New Year does bring an opportunity to reevaluate current life status and come up with a few ‘resolutions’ or goals to focus on.

This example is a way to see resolutions as an exciting, inquisitive exercise rather than a pressurised, perhaps unrealistic, change. Maybe over the next few days of the busy festive period you manage to find some quiet time to think about the following things and visualise what 2017 might bring. The questions can be changed to suit you but this gives an idea of the areas you could explore.

Write down:

  • 3 things you want to improve on
  • 3 specific changes you would like to make
  • 3 things you would like to see happen
  • 3 things you would like to learn more about
  • 3 people you would like to invest more in

Examples could be to improve your time management, change your sleeping pattern, get a new job, learn a new skill or invest in a friend that you haven’t seen much of this year.

The benefit of having a number of things on your list means that you move away from an ‘all or nothing’ approach which for the 92% can end in a sense of failure. It also means that throughout the year you can go back to your list as a way to re-focus and remind yourself of the hopes and dreams you had at the start of 2017.

Give it a go, see how it helps you visualise the New Year and keep a positive approach to making change!

Rachel is our Nutritional Therapist in London. She recently inspired the team with her “3 things” approach to resolutions!

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