Recovery so far

I have been at the Recover Clinic for 6 months now after 12 long years of desperately trying various treatment options. I tried everything: NHS, private, inpatient, and every conceivable therapy type; I even tried hypnotherapy and spiritual healing in my desperation to free myself from a lifetime of eating disorders and severe depression. However I was always unable to achieve anything more then temporary periods of relief. I was disillusioned with therapy, and had little hope for the future beyond the bare bones of surviving. However by the start of this year as my bingeing and purging had again spiraled out of control and my weight soured to a staggering 27 stone I resolved to look for help once more.  And that is when I stumbled across the Recover Clinic. For the first time, since starting treatment here, I have been able to slowly start to extricate myself from an illness I had thought I would never shake off. As I approach my 30th birthday I often wish I had found this place much sooner, but I am grateful that I did find it at all. I look forward to continuing to make progress here as I continue on the long and sometimes bumpy road to recovery, a journey I am finally taking thanks to the support of the therapists here at the Recover Clinic.

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