Discover what some of our alumni and friends of the clinic have said about us.


The Recover Clinic, by no exaggeration I can confidently say saved my life. A one of a kind clinic with care, support, expert guidance & love you will not find anywhere else. It feels more like a home and a family than a treatment centre. I will never forget the time I spent there, the knowledge I learnt, but most importantly the belief that Emmy gave me that there is a beautiful life to be lived beyond an Eating Disorder. I will never forget the day I stepped out of the clinics door for the first time after my assessment, & for the first time in 10 years of suffering, I felt hope that one day I could be free.

The Recover Clinic is a safe, loving and healing environment for those suffering with eating disorders / mental illness, providing a home for women to come together and begin their recovery journey.



Incredible staff. Amazing facilities. Wonderful treatment. I had many reservations about getting well, and I believed that my disorder would take over my life forever - the Recover Clinic taught me how to live again. Big love to everyone at Recover - especially Emmy who has changed my life in more ways than I can explain. In my opinion - the best place for eating disorder recovery and trauma in the world.

Never did I think I would discover a safe place, just like I did with the Recover Clinic. The clinic provided me with the support, love and safety that I never ever thought I would find. I am forever grateful for my experience at Recover, and for the time, belief and support the staff invested in me. It was like a dream had come true when I was provided the opportunity to attend the clinic. It’s hands down one of the experiences and journeys in my life which I think about every single day.



From my experience, what makes Recover different is that they acknowledge that an eating disorder is merely a symptom. I believe the clinic is unique to other treatments because they tailored my programme to fit me. The clinic combined my recovery with my schedule. Recover has made me discover a future without my ED and I believe I can achieve my goals. I know there is someone always at the Recover Clinic to help me if I need any additional support.

An essential part of my healing process at Recover has come not just from therapy, but from connecting to some of the kindest, bravest, most compassionate and huge-hearted women I have ever met. The support and safety I have found in this community is truly down to the incredible people – therapists, fellow participants and facilitators – who define it by their kindness. Our fears, shame and pain can only be released through being met with unconditional acceptance and kindness.



In my journey through the Recover Clinic I developed a spark of warmth deep inside towards myself… I wanted to keep fighting. I deserved to recover. I changed my mindset. Food became my medicine at first and from there it felt like an exponential improvement. Before I knew it food became exciting again and enjoyable!

Without the help and support I received from Recover, I would not have worked towards the future I wanted. Healthy self care, self love and acceptance are the most wonderful gifts you can teach a newborn baby or child over any other lesson in life. After all my experience and journey I am proud to have learnt this, even if it was the harder way.



I spent two years at university where I didn’t fit in and didn’t enjoy it. Coming to Recover has changed the focus of my life: I have left university unfinished – which I never thought I would do - to focus on creativity. As my backbone becomes stronger, imagining each vertebra solidifying one by one, I am finding myself and having the courage to follow what I love, and be who I was put on this earth to be.

The Recover Clinic has not only thrown down a ladder to me but they’ve sat with me in the dark, as individual therapists as well as a network of support, and when necessary back tracked with me to dig up old damage and lay down a new, more solid foundation. They really have been with me every step of the way and my whole outlook on life has changed. Not knowing what lies ahead seems much less scary when you’re not alone. I can see a glimmer of hope in what’s to come.



Until recently, I could count my true friends on one hand, and I did feel like an extremely lucky person. This was until I met the amazing girls at Recover. I’ve never felt a sense of belonging before, but finding people who really understand you on a deeper level has been life changing. I’ve made friendships at Recover that I know will be lifelong. I am surrounded by truly strong and inspiring women, and I am proud to call them my friends. I don’t have a strong family unit, but my friends definitely make up for that.

A real focus on the individual and not a one size fits all approach to recovery. Very personalised care by highly qualified staff.



The Recover Clinic stood out to me as a place that not only genuinely cares about everybody who goes (and is going) through recovery, but somewhere that empowers, inspires and transforms people to be and embrace their true selves. They do this by getting to the root cause, looking at the bigger picture rather than just food/weight and providing the toolkit for a self-caring, self-loving life. The clinic itself is the ideal environment for healing, with the most compassionate team, working with each person as an individual. I'm more confident and much kinder to myself since working with Emmy and everybody at the clinic. Highly recommend.

Before I started treatment, I had no tools to visualize a future for myself, let alone an identity for myself. As many clients will agree, the Recover team are incredibly empowering. Once you begin treatment, you not only realise how worthy you are of love, you realise just how much you’ve missed out on, purely by not allowing yourself to dream. The therapists educated me in how I was perpetuating the darkness around me by wallowing within it. I was taught that not only could I dream, I could also believe in those dreams. And slowly, I started to experience my dreams coming true. Meditation, affirmations and vision boards only helped me to further piece together my identity, as well as a future that I was excited for.



The most significant difference to my recovery was how my therapy journey was tailored to me and my needs. My process felt flexible but challenging, in a truly honest way. The Recover Clinic found the perfect balance for me to enjoy myself and feel their care for me, whilst also addressing the serious things I needed to come to terms with. I will never forget the Spiritual Groups which simply gave me space to breathe and forge real friendships with the other girls at the clinic.

Ten years of having my illness colonise my life ensured that without it, my life would resemble a vacuum. Daring to remove my anorexia would leave an almighty void, into which it could all-too easily flood back in. During this time, I trusted in Emmy. Her love, kindness, and assurances that I would not regress provided the humanity I needed to hold out, until my life slowly took shape, pushing the twilight of my anorexia to its periphery, and ultimately, its horizon.



I went into treatment like a student praying for teaching, hoping for a way out of this. I began to soak up the wisdom of my therapists very quickly. The spiritual family I’ve created in and out of treatment consists of beautiful, loving people who respect, support and trust me. I never realised I had never been intimate with anyone before, my un-wellness and rescuing behaviour always stood in the way, though at the time I thought that this was what intimacy was.

When my ending at The Recover Clinic started to approach, my feelings towards endings came up. I wanted to cut off and run, but with the help of my therapist these were addressed and I began to learn what I needed for my ending to be healthy and meaningful.



When I started treatment at The Recover Clinic I knew it was one of the best decisions I ever made. My life has changed so much as a result, though it was unbelievably hard work. Recovery is the most mentally challenging thing I have ever experienced. Constantly battling with your own mind is exhausting and trying to challenge thoughts which have been ingrained for 12 years is confusing and the fight against them seems never ending at times, but I can tell you in all honesty that it is worth it. Now that I’m not at war with myself it is so incredibly liberating to have peace and quiet in my mind, something I thought was unachievable for me. I was convinced my eating disorder was with me for life, but it’s gone. I’m finally free.

I found a place that would accept me and welcome me just as I was – broken and fearful – regardless of my weight, my BMI, or my calorie intake. They listened to me as a whole person and provided me with help, guidance, and unwavering support. The Recover Clinic showed me that what I had spent years searching for – a place, a person, a time, a weight, and a medicine – I would finally find inside myself. I would find the strength to be me and not only accept myself for who I am today but also like that person.



The Recover Clinic (with all its amazing therapists and staff, and my fellow recovery sisters) helped me: work through years and years of trauma, develop a love and trust of food, develop a loving relationship with my body, healthy relationships with others and most importantly, a loving relationship with myself. I’d hated myself for about 15 years, was in treatment for 2 years and 3 months and now at 25 years old I can say I not just fully recovered from an eating disorder, I actually learnt to love myself. It was hard- and still is hard at times- but one thing I know for sure: now that I found myself, I’m never letting her go again. Recovery is possible and we ALL deserve it.

The most incredible clinic with true experts who foster genuine recovery which so many other institutions fail to achieve. Unlike any other eating disorder recovery programme, Recover treats the cause, not just the symptoms, with amazing results. Highly, highly, highly recommend.



I can honestly say, attending the Recover Clinic helped me to live and not just exist in this world. I had got to the point where I knew I needed help but didn’t know where to turn. Thankfully I turned in the direction of Recover. The lessons I learnt about myself and the new habits I formed in my time there have served me extremely well in the last 4 years and I’m still learning and growing every single day! Yes I still have roughy patches, I’m a human being, but how I learn from them and how I grow from them is what has changed. Now I find myself helping others to transform their lives and giving them one thing that Recover gave me, which is HOPE, HOPE for a life free from an eating disorder.

Just four months after starting at Recover, I felt as if I was one of the luckiest girls in the world to be a part of something so wonderful. To know you have Recover and all the people in it there for you, is one of the best feelings in the world. There is a strong community spirit at Recover, and everyone is made to feel welcomed and valued. It felt like I had known everyone at Recover for so much longer. When you feel you don’t believe in yourself, the belief that the others have in you, is sometimes what keeps you going. Each day I am grateful for being given the opportunity I have and being a part of something so precious. Through good times and bad times, everyone at Recover is there for each other. That you can count on.



Having been involved in the treatment side of the Recover Clinic for several years (coming in to assist with bodywork such as reflexology and massage) the quality of care, and focus on holistic care that I have observed is excellent. I have been lucky enough to witness the steady progress of many of the young women in treatment towards “graduation”. The self awareness they develop through their work at Recover is beyond their years and continually impresses me. They go into the world wide awake and ready to embrace life. The Recover Clinic is a unique treatment facility.