Poem: Set Me Free

By one of our lovely clients, for Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Trapped and confused in this cycle of despair

I’m trying to reach you but there’s nobody there

So I sink deeper and deeper into the mist

Shattered cries for help so often dismissed

I want to get out and to smile and be free

I want just for one second to just be me

So tear down the batons and rise above

Look hard at yourself and learn how to love

There is a choice to be made though difficult I know

But this is not theatre or putting on a show

So restrict and purge or live life to the full

Your mind is the enemy but your greatest tool

So use all your strength and stand and be strong

Prove to the voice, though powerful, it’s wrong

My life is for living right here and right now

So help me recover, please show me how…


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