Book Club: How To Fail

(Image Source)   Having already devoured one of Elizabeth Day’s novels, The Party, I had incredibly high hopes for her first non-fiction book – How To Fail, part memoir, part self-help manual. Her skill to observe and dissect human behaviour was one of many reasons I adored The Party, and this skill is just as … Read more

Book Club: Daring Greatly

(Image Source) In the self-development world, Brene Brown is a name needing no introduction. If Louise Hay is considered the mother of self-help, then Brene Brown is the golden child. Her TEDx Talk on The Power of Vulnerability has become a viral sensation. In her Book Club video, Emmy describes Brown as having “the most compassionate way of viewing the world.” She thinks Daring … Read more

Book Club: The Little Book Of Self-Care

Self-care really needs simplifying doesn’t it? Self-care is for everybody and yet it can often feel elite. It should be simple and uncomplicated. Suzy Reading’s The Little Book of Self-care is both of these. It’s simply 30 practices to sooth the body and mind. I love Reading’s definition of self-care; “nourishment for the head, the … Read more

Book Club: How To Feel The Fear And Eat It Anyway

(Image Source) Eve Simmons and Laura Dennison, the duo behind the website Not Plant Based have released their first book “How to Feel the Fear and Eat it Anyway”  – a guide to help you rid your anxieties around food. Anyone who has ever felt the need to restrict their food or go on a diet would benefit … Read more

Book Club: Codependent No More

(Image Source) The theme of this book is learning how to take better care of ourselves. The link between alcoholism and co-dependency is reiterated consistently, which is a bit of a red herring for me. You do not have to be in a relationship with an alcoholic to be co-dependent or to benefit from improved … Read more

Book Club: Stand Tall Little Girl

(Image Source)   Stand Tall Little Girl – Facing Up To Anorexia by Hope Virgo, is her personal journey of suffering from a life-threatening eating disorder, to not just recovery, but using her story to help others and inspire hope, through talks in hospitals, schools and businesses. (NB – as a fellow Hope myself, that … Read more

Book Club: The Life Diet

(Image Source) The Life Diet is a short guide to curating the core aspects of your life and mind; acting as a reminder to enforce boundaries and only give your energy to the things that hold real meaning for you. The fourth book by Laura Jane Williams, The Life Diet is an easy-to-consume ebook/audiobook broken down into … Read more

5 Books On Self-Love, Real Life And Recovery

Today we’re sharing five books to help you to find clarity, confidence and faith in yourself, even when you don’t think you’ll ever have them again.   You Do You by Sarah Knight Sarah Knight is by far my favourite author. Her no-BS approach is incredibly empowering when it comes to being unapologetically you. After … Read more

Book Club: The Brain Over Binge Recovery Guide

Have you ever been told by a medical professional or simply heard the popular theory that a binge eating disorder is a mechanism you have developed as a coping strategy? Kathryn Hansen disagrees wholeheartedly with this theory and explains all in The Brain Over Binge Recovery Guide – a follow up to Hansen’s first book – Brain Over … Read more