To the Voice of an Eating Disorder…

A poem written by one of our amazing clients… I wish that I could talk to you and ask you to be kind You bullied me and screwed me up, before you took my mind   I want you now to stop this path, before the train derails There really must be more to life … Read moreTo the Voice of an Eating Disorder…

The Ultimate Warrior

This poem and drawing was created by one of our clients in Brighton, as a gift to another client… If there was a crown for your being, I’d honour you the warrior, For you are the warrior of warriors; The victorious monarch of courage so glorious, Standing tall when all falls, With nothing but your … Read moreThe Ultimate Warrior

Mille’s Poem – EDAW 2017

by our lovely client, Mille Oh to be just me, that is all, enough, so much already, where and why does my value get placed by me, in anyone or anyone else but me. It is not me, surely that knows and that can see all I have been and all I can be. Searching … Read moreMille’s Poem – EDAW 2017

Set Me Free – EDAW 2017

by one of our lovely clients, for Eating Disorders Awareness Week Trapped and confused in this cycle of despair I’m trying to reach you but there’s nobody there So I sink deeper and deeper into the mist Shattered cries for help so often dismissed I want to get out and to smile and be free … Read moreSet Me Free – EDAW 2017

Mille’s Blog – EDAW 2017

  by our lovely client, Mille, Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2017 Having an eating disorder is sh*t, it really is boring and crap and horrendous and painful. I have been in recovery for a good while now, and I still struggle. But however near to hopelessness, I can feel at times. Every morning my faith … Read moreMille’s Blog – EDAW 2017

How I Recovered By Learning to Love Myself – EDAW2017

by our lovely client, Chrissy, for Eating Disorders Awareness Week I wanted to write a blogpost for Eating Disorders Awareness Week, and as my ending in treatment draws nearer, I felt it would be a great time to address both! I first started treatment at The Recover Clinic two years ago, in the December of … Read moreHow I Recovered By Learning to Love Myself – EDAW2017

Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2017

For this year’s Eating Disorders Awareness Week, our clients and clinicians are here to tell you why recovery IS possible!   See the full length version here. [x_video_embed type=”16:9″ no_container=”true”][/x_video_embed] What’s next? Recover & Me – an app for eating disorder recovery Check out our blog for more EDAW2017 posts!

The day I started connecting again

Thank you to lovely Jen for sharing these beautiful words about her recovery… Red had never been so vibrant.  Blue so calm. How hadn’t I noticed the different shades of colour that I was surrounded by? Each particle so unique and beautiful in its own way. The lights hung by coloured string, danced into my eyes. … Read moreThe day I started connecting again

See where the journey takes you…

Our lovely client, Vanessa, shares how she learned to express emotion through creativity… My art teacher when I was 15 said that we should “see where the creative journey takes us while creating a piece of art”, and I quite literally cringed in response. I hated metaphors or similes, I hated inspirational quotes, I hated anything that … Read moreSee where the journey takes you…

Learning to love my body

Our inspiring client, Tess, shares how she’s learning to love her body once more… So after recently having watched the documentary “Embrace” I finally feel ready to write a blog post. I wanted to talk about my journey so far on building a relationship with my body. I know that I wasn’t born disliking myself but for as … Read moreLearning to love my body

Recovery is Possible

Today is 8th January 2017 and it is the first time I feel I can safely say I have recovered from my eating disorder. One week ago today it was New Year’s Day and my life turned upside down. I was told something that would devastate anyone regardless of whether they had an eating disorder … Read moreRecovery is Possible