My Top Tip for Eating Disorder Recovery

“No eating disorder is made the same, so it’s time to stop treating them as if they were.” In light of our event in October where we’ll be sharing tips for holistic recovery, I wanted to share my personal recovery top tip that powered me on throughout treatment. It can be summed up in this … Read more My Top Tip for Eating Disorder Recovery

Your Relationship With Water

Nutritional Therapist, Marissa, discusses the importance of a healthy relationship with water and hydration… Eating disorder sufferers can have a complicated relationship with consuming liquids, and drinking water is no exception. Sometimes sufferers take to glugging down liquid to reach a certain fixed amount (or number of glasses) that their eating disorder tells them they need – regardless … Read more Your Relationship With Water

The Conflicting Faces of Mental Illness

Jemma sheds light on how there can be more going on than meets the eye with mental illness… The pictures above show some of my many expressions I show on a regular basis and have done for my entire life. You may look at them and see a happy, carefree, fun loving person. I can tell … Read more The Conflicting Faces of Mental Illness

Falling Awake…A Poem For Recovery

Thank you to Anna, who shared this poem with us at her graduation…   Falling Awake – Sarah Henderson Suddenly the world is wide open I find I’m no longer confined   To the tiny hell I had constructed The walls I’d been hiding behind   I’m moving into something unknown This is so unfamiliar, … Read more Falling Awake…A Poem For Recovery

How to Identify Food Rituals

Nicole, one of our Nutritional Therapists, shares her insight on food rituals and how to identify them… Many times when someone has an eating disorder they can communicate by speaking “food” instead of English or their spoken tongue. Food, (like the human body) is tangible, meaning it can be seen, physically touched and manipulated and … Read more How to Identify Food Rituals

Anger: The Misunderstood Emotion

Anger is one of those emotions that’s got a bad rep. Because we associate the feeling as coupled with conflict or raised voices, we tend to avoid and suppress it, masking it instead with more acceptable, positive emotions. This approach to anger is exacerbated when dealing with an eating disorder. In fact, eating disorders evolve … Read more Anger: The Misunderstood Emotion


Alex shares her thoughts in the run up to her graduation… As I write this blog post, I’m at a train station. I wanted to write it here because train stations have always fascinated me. I enjoy people-watching, especially at airports and stations where people are often saying goodbyes. They are places where endings are … Read more Endings

Tips For Eating With Others

Eating with others can feel very overwhelming when suffering from an eating disorder. Eating disorders are secretive and isolating illnesses and eating with others – even those you love and who love you – can be shaming, embarrassing, stressful or annoying. On the flip side, family and friends may unintentionally increase the stress and anxiety by … Read more Tips For Eating With Others

5 Years

It is always around October time, when I feel the first coldness in the air and the leaves starting to fall that, the clear sunny days that I remember. It is that change in season that takes me back and maybe always will do to a life changing experience that will always stay in my … Read more 5 Years

Recovering From Diabulimia – Part 2

Continued from Part 1… Practical changes Practically, one of the most important things I did was make my diabetes easier to manage. I bought a make up bag to keep all of my diabetes things in one place, which made a simple but huge difference. I got a calendar to write in all my healthcare … Read more Recovering From Diabulimia – Part 2

Looking Backwards, Moving Forwards

I’m sitting in Holland Park on a beautiful, sunny, rare-for-London March day reflecting on my recovery journey so far. Often we don’t take the time to have a moment of looking back on our achievements and congratulating ourselves on how far we’ve come. For eating disorders sufferers- and just most people- it can be considered … Read more Looking Backwards, Moving Forwards

Resources for Your Recovery

Our treatment philosophy is built around the belief that full recovery is possible for everyone. This means that positive affirmations and empowerment is integral for everyone that comes to the clinic. No matter where you are in your recovery journey, it’s always beneficial to surround yourself with resources that encourage inner strength, and reinforce positivity … Read more Resources for Your Recovery