Extending Kindness & Expressing Gratitude

Look around you… Many of those struggling with eating disorders are plagued by negative thoughts drawing attention away from the positive aspects of their lives. It’s easy for an onlooker to say ‘think positive’ but achieving this may seem more difficult. Extending kindness and expressing gratitude should be part of our daily to-do list. Embodying … Read moreExtending Kindness & Expressing Gratitude

Kate’s personal note to our inspiring clients

Dear Girls, I have now worked at The Recover Clinic for nearly 5 years and in all honesty every day has been a learning experience for me! I know you will be taken back by this admission but contrary to popular opinion I do not know everything 😉 These are some of the things YOU have all taught me; You are … Read moreKate’s personal note to our inspiring clients

Gratitude For the Life You Already Have

[author title=”Emmy Gilmour” author_id=”Emmy Gilmour”]If you want to change your circumstances then first you must change your thinking.  I believe that our lives are products of what we think and feel.  Some of what we believe has come from our upbringings and some has come from what we have experienced, either way I know that if you … Read moreGratitude For the Life You Already Have