Eat What You Want (Every)Day

Today is Eat What You Want Day – a rather fitting day for an eating disorders clinic, don’t you think? The theme for today is all about letting go of restriction and allowing yourself to “indulge” in whatever you fancy. Whilst this is obviously a fantastic opportunity to celebrate all things yummy, two thoughts immediately come … Read moreEat What You Want (Every)Day

What is normal eating when you’re in recovery from an eating disorder?

By our Nutritional Therapist, Marissa… During our Nutritional Therapy sessions at The Recover Clinic, we teach our clients that there is no precise practice, diet plan or fashion that can be called normal eating. No matter what glossy magazines or diet book or TV shows or parents or so-called-experts say, normal eating is not about fulfilling any … Read moreWhat is normal eating when you’re in recovery from an eating disorder?

A teaspoon of courage, a dollop of discovery

Written by our client, Emily Baking was very much a part of my childhood. It brings up many fond memories where I would shadow my granny, anticipating the moment I could lick the bowl – a right of passage for all children in my opinion. Having developed an eating disorder at an early age, my … Read moreA teaspoon of courage, a dollop of discovery

The messy picture of recovery: A Story about Ham

Back in June I was reminded that recovery is a process not a destination. I was was invited by an old friend to spend a week at her beautiful villa in France along with some of my greatest friends from school. Prior to the trip our host if there was anything I didn’t eat. Perhaps … Read moreThe messy picture of recovery: A Story about Ham

It’s picnic season…

Our Naturopathetic Nutritional Therapist, Marissa, shares her top tips for the picnic season… The weather is hot and the clouds are few: it’s picnic season! London parks are filled with people enjoying themselves and eating on a blanket, with (maybe!) a glass of Champagne or two. Picnics can be overwhelming if you are suffering from … Read moreIt’s picnic season…

Today is World Milk Day!

For World Milk Day we’re sharing our Dietitian’s blog post on milk! You can find Rachel’s original blog post on her website here… …The main source of information I’ve drawn from is chapter 6 of ‘Milk and dairy products in human nutrition’ by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations written in 2013. … Read moreToday is World Milk Day!

What is mindful eating?

A mindful approach to eating is something that can be learned and can be an invaluable tool for transforming someone’s relationship with food for the better… The word mindfulness is now well known, and in Jon Kabat-Zinn’s words, it can essentially be summarised as “paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present … Read moreWhat is mindful eating?

Cooking up some magic!

Our Dietician, Rachel, shares a recipe for overcoming fear… How does it make you feel when someone says ‘What shall we cook tonight?’ or ‘Do you fancy cooking tonight?’ For some, these questions might ignite a sense of excitement at the anticipation of a delicious meal. Others might feel bored at the thought of taking time … Read moreCooking up some magic!

Eating Disorder Habits vs Eating Disorder Behaviours

  by our Nutritional Therapist, Marissa Recovering from an eating disorder can seem like one long mountain climb after another. While this may be so, when it comes to your self-care and eating, sometimes it is the little, discreet (and yet often particularly toxic) things that can hold us back. Little things, such as: what … Read moreEating Disorder Habits vs Eating Disorder Behaviours

But what if I really don’t feel hungry?

Rachel is a Dietitian in London. Below, she discusses why you might not feel hunger at mealtimes, and how you can work to overcome it… The journey to eating intuitively and giving full permission to eat in recovery from an eating disorder is often a long and complicated path. Reconnecting and learning to listen to hunger … Read moreBut what if I really don’t feel hungry?

Let it go, let it go, let it go….

Nutritional Therapist, Belle, shares her tips on how to prepare for the festive season… She grimaced at the sound of Grandad arriving armed with presents, a large wedge of Stilton and a bottle of Baileys. It was the moment she’d been dreading since waking up that morning. It was Christmas day; a day which should be … Read moreLet it go, let it go, let it go….

How do we give ourselves permission to eat after years of restriction?

Our Nutritional Therapist, Belle, shares tips on how to reclaim intuitive eating… Giving yourself the green light around food is a vital step to reaching intuitive eating enlightenment. And so exploring how this can be achieved is very important. It’s unlikely to be an overnight miracle, instead something we can work upon by tapping into our personal fears and learning … Read moreHow do we give ourselves permission to eat after years of restriction?