The Importance Of Friendships During Recovery

International Friendship Day provides a good opportunity to reflect on the friendships in our lives and how important they are. Humans possess an instinctive need to make friends and with good reason; friends can provide physical assistance and emotional support to improve health and well-being. Friendships become more important than ever when you are going … Read more

Removing Toxic Friendships from our Lives

[author title=”Alice Goodwin” author_id=”Alice Goodwin”] What is a harmful or toxic friendship? We’ve probably all had some form of experience of harmful friendships at some point in our lifetime, but how exactly can we identify a toxic friend? Someone who perhaps brings you down, belittles you or expects a lot from you but isn’t there … Read more

A Letter to a Friend

Dear Bestie It’s pretty much two years to the day since you breezed into my life; a ray of sunshine breaking through the darkness of my life. Now as I embark on the final stages of my recovery journey, it feels like the perfect time to say thank you.   You came into my life … Read more


“No Man Is an Island…” (from John Donne, Meditation XVII) We are formed by the relationships we build in life, from the very first bond with our mothers and fathers and wider family, to friendships at school and university, our colleagues at work and those who teach us. We are social creatures; how we navigate … Read more