The Brunner Project

I created The Brunner Project to further my mission of redefining mental health treatment.

My core belief is that treatment of mental health should be holistic – taking into account the whole person, the individual – rather than solely addressing symptoms of a singular diagnosis. What’s more, I believe everyone should have access to good mental health treatment.

The Brunner Project was created to provide essential information and financial support to some of the fantastic not-for-profit organisations that are on a mission to redefine mental health treatment by making it more accessible, personal and open for everyone; the way it should be.

You can support the charities of The Brunner Project, and start your own healing journey by downloading my new guide, ‘Trauma Redefined’.

Book Cover Trauma Redefined

Trauma Redefined

'Trauma Redefined’ is a brand new, easy-to-digest mini-book designed to help you take control of your journey to better mental health.

The book unpacks the role of unresolved trauma as the cause for as much as 90% of the mental health challenges facing today’s busy population; providing practical advice on gaining context for the mental health issue facing you, teaching you how to identify unresolved trauma, and guiding you on your journey to addressing and healing the wounds of the past that are holding you back.

The lessons I share within this book have been honed over 15+ years working to help people manage some of the most challenging mental illnesses. While trauma looks different for everyone, I am certain better mental health can be found by addressing and treating unidentified emotional wounds from the past.

All profits from the sale of ‘Trauma Redefined’ go the organisations supported by The Brunner Project

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Brighton Women’s Centre has been supporting self-identifying women in Sussex for 45 years. They work to improve women’s life chances by reducing inequalities through the creation of safe space and the provision of a wide range of support services. Their mission is to give every woman the freedom, the support and the power to change her life. BWC understand that trauma is complex and can have devastating repercussions. They support women from all backgrounds, facing all kinds of issues, to live happier lives; such issues include women dealing with bereavement, women who have been through homelessness or the criminal justice system and survivors of abuse or discrimination.

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Beyond Shame Beyond Stigma is a new mental health charity founded by renowned British mental health advocates, Jonny Benjamin MBE and Neil Laybourn. The organisation is dedicated to breaking down walls surrounding young people’s mental health. Their primary objectives are reducing suicides, self-harm and stigma by improving and enhancing mental health support and information for young people, their families and educators. They aim to do this by identifying, funding, co-campaigning and raising awareness of effective but under-utilised support services and mechanisms that already exist throughout the UK.

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