The Recover Clinic’s 30 Day Challenge

WHAT TO DO: 8 SIMPLE STEPS in week one:


Your unconscious mind remembers what you need to do. So sit quietly somewhere and ….


1. Set up your session space, comfort and intention. Decide how you want to experiment with the 10mins. Either simply tell your mind it is your intention to meditate for ten minutes, or set an alarm (for 12mins).


2. Close your eyes. This sensitises the connection with your unconscious mind, soul, body.


3. Check your physical posture for meditating is comfortable in your body, checking head straight upon spine, chin level, body at ease.


4. Three deep Buddha Belly Breaths: IN through the nose (imagining repeating “calm” or “relax”), HOLD for three counts, then OUT through the mouth (“Letting GOoooooo”)


5. Use Body Scanning to dissolve any tension or heaviness in your body, starting at top inside of head …. Light touch of attention, light as a feather, breathing gently to dissolve. Removing ‘pressure’ from the brain-mind in preparation for any inner work. You can imagine hardened, compact ice …. softening into water …. Dissolving into ether or gas.


6. Clear your mind, by either ‘clearing the now’ (putting thoughts aside, to past, to future) and/or witness your thoughts as if clouds floating across the screen of your mind. “Yes I have thoughts however I am not my thoughts”. Witness your feelings in front of your belly “Yes I have feelings however I am not those feelings”.


7. Focus your mind on single-pointed attention: Breathe moving in through inside your nostrils. If the mind wanders, gently return it to the focus of sensation of mind coming IN through the nose, gently tickling the inside of your nostrils. This peaceful “Awareness Breathing” is the first step in mastering meditation. Emptiness of the mind.


8. Complete very slowly returning to the present moment. ALWAYS anchor your mind in the centre of gravity, below the belly. “Thank you unconscious mind. I love you unconscious mind” … repeat sensing Body. Soul. Being. Enliven with positive affirmations starting with “I am…” Remember that “I AM” statements are the MOST POWERFUL statements of creation. Use wisely.


Shine brightly.

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