Poem: The Ultimate Warrior

This poem and drawing was created by one of our clients, as a gift to another client…

If there was a crown for your being,

I’d honour you the warrior,

For you are the warrior of warriors;

The victorious monarch of courage so glorious,

Standing tall when all falls,

With nothing but your body in tow,

No castle of greatness,

No speak of a home,

But your being builds kingdoms,

That you go on to rule,

& your soul bares flowers,

like precious crown jewels,

& in time I promise,

you will go on to see,

that the uncomfortable, comfortable,

mess of ED,

was the foundation to your future,

the heartbreak of your healing,

the prelude to your story,

your ticket to achieving,

close the door on this chapter,

but don’t close the door on your growth,

go on, assemble your empire,

create your own home,

& one day, stood up tall in your castle,

surrounded by sunflowers of gold,

you’ll safe: Gid, it was worth it,

I made it on my own,

For I am the ultimate warrior,

The hero I know.

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