Poem: To The Voice Of An Eating Disorder

A poem written by one of our amazing clients…

I wish that I could talk to you and ask you to be kind

You bullied me and screwed me up, before you took my mind


I want you now to stop this path, before the train derails

There really must be more to life than stepping on the scales


So I’m asking you to leave me now and let me live my life

You had your fun, the hurt and pain, the trouble and the strife


I’m begging you to quieten down and let me now speak out

You captured me and held me there and filled me with self doubt


So I plead with you, to let this be, our journey is now done

This game we played had rules, its true, but you were number one


I know now the aim was selfish, you were strong within your role

You made me feel so worthless just to prove control


I need you to start listening now and actually set me free

I want to live my life now where I can just be me


I know we need to part now, our partnership no more

I want a life to love myself and believe it from my core


So I thank you for the part you played but it’s time to right this wrong

This girl you see before you is powerful and strong


So I will stand alone now, who knows what I’ll discover

We get one chance and I choose now, my time to live and recover


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