When Therapy Is A Luxury

Therapy is a luxury that unfortunately not all of us can access. Whether that’s because you can’t afford it, or you’re on a long waiting list.

I think when you’re trying to recover from any mental health issue and you’re struggling with funds, self-help tools are key. Having at least one good friend or family member that can support you in some way is awesome too. Before I was offered therapy, I was seeking out materials I could use in the meantime so that I had some sort of support to turn to when things were rough.

I have struggled with mental health issues for well over 10 years that I’m aware of and an eating disorder for around 5 years. In that time I have been in and out of different kinds of therapy and counselling, both funded and private. In that time I have learned what is best suited to me and what isn’t. It can take time to find the therapy for you and a therapist you can build a good therapeutic relationship with. Try not to let that put you off though; you are absolutely worth finding the right therapy for!

Budgeting is a thing I have had to get used to. It’s something so simple yet something I could never do when I was younger. I’m currently unemployed so I have to put my money aside for therapy and work out each month the amount I need and what I can spend it on.

Something I admire myself for is that my recovery has always come first. I can give and give to people, I love my circle of people very fiercely but recovery has been at the forefront of my mind for the best part of 5 years. The hope of being fully recovered one day is what has kept me at it. It kept me pursuing the right treatment for myself.

I also know that that determination and hope are virtually impossible to grasp when you are deep within the grips of any mental illness, I’ve been there, and I’ve lived it. And sometimes it still gets the better of me. You just have to remember that no matter what, you are worth the effort and time that recovery takes. I am not in any way fully recovered but I have made big steps forward for sure. It all sounds so out of reach when you’re in it, maybe even cheesy! But it’s true. You’re worth the investment!

I am still working through a lot of things in therapy, reconnecting with things I used to love doing as a child, like writing for example. Connecting with things through writing, artwork, or anything creative has been such an amazing thing for me as part of recovery and getting to grips with what’s going on in my head. I’m also reading a lot more too, getting inspiration from the resources from the Recover Clinic website. I love to walk and be in nature with my dogs, and spirituality is a massive part of recovery for me also.

Try to hold onto the things you love to do, whether that be reading, writing, walking, swimming or baking. I am lucky to have a good support system and the best therapists here at The Recover Clinic who I truly believe have helped me so much already.

I hope that if anyone were to stumble across this and read my words that they feel even a little bit better about their current situation or know that there is hope and there is a life after the dark times. If all you’re doing right now is surviving then that’s okay. Take each day as it comes and remember how worthy you really are. Truly.

Written by Heather
Guest contributor

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