Poem: Words from Mille

Mille has recently found expression through poetry. She kindly shares one of her first poems…

This part, is the hardest part. To come face to face with the reality of my history. To begin to accept accepting it. To let go of holding on and to what has been. My experience.

Trying to find, a voice inside, that’s kind. To hold its hand, and say. It’s ok, to come out. I am ready to listen. To help it grow, strengthen and stay. What does it have to say.

To relearn in every way, most of my ways.

Learning to love, and to see. To breath and to feel, to try to find and be, just me. Right now. The constant movie that is, all I regret and all I fear, it has been so near, constantly.

Learning to find, an empty reel, and to let what is be. And to play out. Just as is.

What has been has been, and what is to come. Who knows. All I have is this moment, and this self. This heart, beating, this soul screaming, and these eyes, wounded, but not lost.

Look up, and see the pink clouds, the moon, the stars. Feel the cool breeze, the shiver and the warmth. This is enough. For now.


If you can’t remember how it feels,
You can’t find it in a box, or in the sky or the sea.

It’s always hear, deep inside of you and me. It’s not finding, it was never lost, but drowned out, by belief.

Sit, listen, feel, and allow it to come out, and fill you with warmth and coolness, belief and comfort. , it may have been forgotten.

Listen to your soul, which knows, and remembers, what it is, to know and to love, you. And for that to be enough, forever, until and after, another shares that too.

Through pain, and life, and love, and love again. Love is always there, sometimes it seems far, but it always is. Open up to your own heart and the endless warmth it holds. For you, and others. But before we know something, it is hard to share. So get to know it. Feel it, let it flow through every part, and beyond. Speak it, alone or aloud, over and over, until it can speak for itself, to you, forever and whenever. It yours, truly and wholely. And it always was. It will take you places you never or always dreamed of. And more.

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